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Caroline Skinner - Registered Counsellor & Coach

Dip Therapeutic Counselling MBACP 773449 C.Q.S.W. / Masters PETHS / BA (Hons)

Do you feel like you need to make some changes in your life? Maybe give up some habits, addictions or think about doing something differently in your life or career? Or maybe you have just separated, divorced or recently come out of a relationship?  I have many years' experience in counselling and working for the NHS helping people with relationship issues, anxiety, depression and drugs / alcohol problems, and enjoy helping others to achieve their potential in life. In the NHS I was trained in motivational interviewing techniques and CBT skills which are effective ways to help people identify what they want in life and how they might create some change for themselves.

Or perhaps you don't feel ready to make that change yet? Sometimes we go through periods of change in our lives that are imposed on us, where we don't feel we have had a say or have had any control in this. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and share our thoughts and feelings with until we feel ready to make decisions and cope with what has happened. People talk to me about what is happening to them now, some want to "sort through" past experiences and traumas - it is up to you what you wish to share, you will not be judged or pushed to say anything you don't want to. And sometimes this process will take time - getting to trust a counsellor is important. Often we are not used to talking about how we feel or in any depth. It is not a weakness to talk about how we feeling - it is can be very liberating to be able to "let go" - and a relief to share what may have been "bottled up" for a long time.

Bereavement & Loss - I have worked in a hospice and with patients and their families who experience sometimes overwhelming feelings of loss where you feel out of control and sad. But this is not the same for all - others experience loss in different ways, and this can vary depending on our previous relationship with the deceased - people can feel numb, angry, abandoned or lost. The death of a person can bring back memories from the past which can sometimes need "unpicking" and laying to rest alongside the one who has passed. Some people feel they almost need to find a new or different identity for themselves after loss. Life doesn't stand still but sometimes we need to find the time to talk about what has happened to us and how this has affected us. These feelings of confusion and a search for a new identity can come out of other losses too - for example a marriage or a long term relationship.

How we can work together - I offer a warm, private, and confidential service where you can be supported to explore and address what is making you feel unhappy. The most common feedback I get is that I help people feel more confident and more able to make the changes that they want in their lives. The second most common feedback I get is that people do not feel judged by me - this is because I have many years' experience in this type of work, and because I believe anyone could be made to feel vulnerable at different times in their lives - dependent on what is or has happened. It is at this time we all need some support to feel more resilient and think about "where or what next?" in our lives.

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out how to do this on your own - a skilled counsellor will not advise or judge you - but will help you to think about what is going on, to understand what is happening better and how to feel more in control over your personal circumstances.

Coaching - I am an experienced coach and I draw on different approaches & techniques in my work to find the best way to work with each person I see. As I coach I help people explore their skill set and make decisions about career change. In this role I am currently working with managers and workers in health and social care - helping them to develop their resilience, examine their careers and develop their management and supervision skills at work. I have also worked with people who feel they are being bullied at work or at home and support them to help find a way to change this situation.

Please make contact with me to make an appointment to discuss how I can help you.

Please call Remedi Clinic, Marmion Road, Southsea tel 02392 732801 to ask for an appointment in this safe and discreet environment.

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