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Counselling and Psychotherapy at Remedi Clinic

Remedi Clinic offers a range of Counseling and Psychotherapy services in Southsea, Portsmouth. The Counselors, Psychotherapists & Psychologists in the clinic have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both private and NHS counselling and psychotherapy.

Working with the right counselor or psychotherapist for you is a vital part of successful counselling or psychotherapy. We have a group of qualified therapists, with various specialisms and areas of interest, such as depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, bereavement or eating disorders. Please look at individual therapist profiles for a full list of areas covered. The counselors and psychotherapists in clinic work from different approaches such as Psychodynamic, Humanistic, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or Mindfulness, for a full list please visit the individual therapist profiles. In clinic we have a designated client coordinator, who is available to help you choose the right therapist for you based on various factors.

We have therapists able to work with various types of addictions, including gambling where a free service is available through Options at the clinic in Southsea, Portsmouth.

We understand if you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed or have suffered a bereavement or for any other reason you may not feel like calling, in which case please feel free to email us at info@remediclinic.co.uk and mark it for F.A.O Client Coordinator.

You can view more information on the therapists available in clinic in Southsea, Portsmouth by selecting an individual therapist from the list on the right. Here you will be able view information about Psychodynamic, Humanistic, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Mindfulness or other approaches. You will also find information regarding qualifications and experience.

If you do not live in the Southsea & Portsmouth area but can travel to the clinic our services are still available to you.

Tel: 02392 732801

Email: info@remediclinic.co.uk

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