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katieMy name is Katie Still; I am a clinical hypnotherapist originally from Scotland and my objective is to help people reach their full potential and live happier lives.  I hold a diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy; I trained in London with Harley Street practitioner Brian Jacobs. You can find me on the National Hypnotherapists Register - the UK's biggest hypnotherapy body and the National Guild of Hypnotists - the American equivalent. 

I employ modern Clinical Hypnotherapy which includes ‘Hypnoanalysis’ – I use this when an issue has its emotional roots in the past.  If you come to see me, I will customise your session to your individual needs and issues through conducting an in-depth intake interview, making your therapy bespoke to you.  Whilst I can treat a huge variety of issues, I specialise in helping with anxiety, confidence, weight loss and stopping smoking.

I also have an Honour’s Degree in Sport which includes Sport Psychology, Sociology and Physiology and I worked for the BBC for 10 years as a reporter, presenter and producer.  I love this work too and so I still freelance in broadcasting for BBC, SKY, Olympic Broadcast Service and other organisations…I was lucky enough to work at the London Paralympic Games in 2012!

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General Hypnotherapy Information
Ancient Art, Modern Science

The use of hypnosis as a tool for behavioural change and physical healing dates back to the earliest periods of recorded history.  Contemporary hypnotherapy is a unique combination of an ancient art and modern behavioural science.  It is extremely versatile. It helps you eliminate fears and phobias; eradicate bad habits, negative emotions and attitudes; and can improve virtually any area of your personal, professional, or recreational lives; and often very quickly.

Hypnosis places the mind in a condition of focused receptivity. Being in hypnosis may feel as benign as simply sitting with your eyes closed, or it may feel profoundly trancelike— a feeling of very deep relaxation while always completely awake and aware of what’s happening.  Whilst in hypnosis, it is believed that the inner critic of the conscious mind is put aside, thus giving the subconscious mind a chance to accept suggestions for the changes we wish to effect. In other words, while in hypnosis, we re-teach the subconscious mind to react in a new and desirable way.
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