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Massage Therapy
southsea wellness

Southsea Wellness offers massage therapy for a wide range of conditions. Your therapist Elly will discuss with you which type of treatment will be best for you over an in depth consultation.

Clinical Massage Therapy uses the Jing Method, a combination of eastern techniques along with western based scientific theory, including fascia work, stretching and trigger point therapy. Clinical Massage Therapy can help with conditions such as headaches and migraines, lower back pain, sciatic, frozen shoulder, knee pain, ligament and tendon issues as well as systemic conditions such as fibromyalgia.  It usually consists of a “fix in six” treatment plan based on agreed outcomes. Elly will work with you in partnership to achieve the goals set out in your individualised plan.

Swedish Massage is a relaxing treatment, which is ideal for a one off treat or for regular maintenance of stress. The power of touch and opportunities for real relaxation is often under estimated and is a necessity for many in today's world.  Swedish Massage is a full body treatment and uses fairly gentle pressure and slow movements.

Deep Tissue Massage focusses on the legs, back and neck and uses more pressure and deep tissue techniques than Swedish Massage. This is a pain free treatment, it uses techniques that get deep into muscle structures without having to go in hard and fast. Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for working through tense muscles through over-use or stress.

Sports Massage Therapy uses all of the techniques of a Deep Tissue Massage but also includes stretching techniques.

Prices for a 1 hour appointment:
Clinical Massage Therapy £40
Swedish Massage Therapy £40
Deep Tissue Massage £40
Sports Massage £40

Tel: 02392 732801

Email: info@remediclinic.co.uk

Website: http://www.remediclinic.co.uk

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