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Specialist Relationship Counsellor
Start Point Relationship Counselling

Emily Caddy, BSc (Hons), DipCPCAB, MCOSRT

About me
Whereas many counsellors are generalists who undertake a broad range of counselling activities, I am a specialist relationship counsellor and have always focussed exclusively on helping people to deal with relationship difficulties.
I am an experienced and qualified Relate relationship therapist.  Having trained with, and worked for, Relate for a number of years, I am very aware of the numerous pressures and difficulties that relationships can bring.  Working with both couples and individuals, I offer a safe, confidential, empathetic and non-judgemental space to explore, and try to resolve, any issues which you and your partner may be facing.

With relationship issues being my specialism, the list of topics that I work with on a daily basis is extensive.  However common issues presented include:

  • Affairs
  • Commitment issues
  • Communication difficulty/breakdown
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Sexual difficulties and loss of intimacy
  • Violence and abuse
  • Arguments, conflict, and unresolved tension
  • Negotiating parenting differences
  • Fair division of domestic jobs
  • Military deployment stresses
  • Recurring or circular issues
  • Trying to separate healthily

I have worked with people in all sorts of circumstances, of various sexual orientations, ages, and ethnicities. I also have experience working at a rape, sexual and domestic abuse counselling service, and so I understand that many people experience these issues in their relationships.  Additionally, through extensive experience and further training, I am very familiar with the unique pressures that military life brings to a couple/family dynamic.

Due to the personal nature of the issues which we will discuss in our sessions, everything will be treated with respect, sensitivity, and confidentiality.  I am a General Member of the College Of Sexual And Relationship Therapists (COSRT), and abide by the COSRT Code of Ethics and Practice.

Services I Offer

Couple Counselling
Working with two people to deal with issues between them.  Couple counselling provides a space for open and honest conversations about things that perhaps aren't working quite as well as they could be between you.  Whatever your couple dynamic looks like, whether you are straight, gay, transgender, living together or not, married or not, younger or older, couple counselling supports you both equally and facilitates an environment for you both to be heard and listened to.

Individual Counselling

Often people wrongly assume that relationship counselling is only for those currently in a relationship and attending as a couple. However, some of the most beneficial relationship counselling can be achieved on an individual basis.  Whether you have been single for a long time, or find yourself just recently so, you may be in need of support to deal with issues arising from a bad break-up or previous toxic relationship.  You may currently be in a relationship but feel unable to express yourself in front of your partner, or think that the problems you are facing might be about a previous relationship/something not involving them.  Whatever is going on for you, individual support can help you make sense of your situation and assist you in taking those next steps forward.

Relationship Check-Up

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and if you find yourselves arguing a bit more than normal, or dealing with external pressures on your relationship, it can be useful to air concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment before they escalate into a major falling-out.   Ongoing counselling to deal with a major problem usually requires a number of sessions over the medium to long term. In contrast, the 'check-up' process aims to be a short, focused piece of work ranging from a one off session, to a package of 3 sessions.  Of course if there is a wish or need to extend our time together, then that is absolutely fine and we can discuss a way forward which meets both of your needs.

Historical Abuse
Not all relationships turn out to be positive experiences, and sometimes we need help to move beyond them.  By working with you, and perhaps your partner, we can seek to unpick and understand historical trauma and the effect it has on your life and relationships.  We can look at devising coping mechanisms specific to you, to help stop the pain of your past dictating the happiness of your future.


Standard Fees

  • My standard fee is £60 per 50 minute session for couples, and £55 for individuals.

Reduced Fees for Armed Forces and Students

  • I offer a £5 reduction in fees for members of the armed forces and students upon production of a valid ID card.

Before conducting a face to face counselling session, I offer a free no obligation exploratory telephone conversation to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 02392 732 801

Email: info@remediclinic.co.uk

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My Approach
My role as a counsellor is to create a safe, non-judgemental environment for open and honest discussion.  Within couple work, I act as a dispassionate third party to facilitate difficult and sensitive conversations.  I offer tools to help to resolve problems, many of which can be put into practice at home.

My work is based on a mixture of Systemic Theory and Psychodynamic Theory.  Systemic Theory is the idea that our past experiences (such as previous relationships or family upbringing) shape who we are, and how we behave in our relationships. Psychodynamic Theory suggests that there are often processes at work in our decision making which we aren't actively aware of.  Understanding these unconscious drivers can help to explain the roots of problems in our relationships.

What this means in practice is that over a number of sessions we will work together to establish the root of the difficulties in your relationship, and identify ways in which I can help you to deal with the underlying cause of the problem.
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